Welcome to our humble corner of the internet. When we’ve worked out what’s going on, you’ll be the second to know. Until then, please bear with us.

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At Writer and Author Press we do things a little differently. Our aim is to achieve traditional book publication standards, where as much attention is paid to the overall presentation and the reading experience as it is to the content—we do not run a “meat-grinder” here.

We also aim to bring together new writers and new readers, and give authors a presence on the Internet and an avenue to publication that they would be unable to achieve by more traditional means.

This website is where we combine traditional quality and fresh new ideas: writing that is comic and serious, fictional and non-fictional—engaging, intriguing, and memorable.

As a reader you have the opportunity to take your reading experience in new and rewarding directions—we hope you find something that intrigues you…


We are currently not open to new submissions, although this will be reviewed in the future.


Your pipe into our bowels, or messages this way … eventually.